26 May 2012

F A I Q.

There's a fact about today's history.
it's all about a princess and her prince charming.
umi shahirah  and muhammad faiq.

since the date,
we've been knowing each other,
and fallen in love with.

after 5 months,
 i met up with your family.
i mean your family members.
i was thought they were like 'who's that girl? and blablabla'.
they were actually SUPERB.
they've known me before as you and your cousin (my bff)  introduced me unofficially to your family members.
err i think so.
alhamdulillah :)
and you really make me changed my mind that it was wrong.

at the same time, you met my parents and my siblings.
you and your family came along and met each other.
i'm speechless.
thank you.
thank you for everything, bie.

in a year,
we've been through a lots of ups and downs,
you know what?
 being such a good-listener for you is one of my priority.

dear muhammad faiq,
i need you in my life coz you're really meant to me.
and yes, you're.
loving you is all i do.

happy 1 year and 1 monthsary, my dear Muhammad Faiq.

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shedameor said...

bestnyaa. akak tak pernah feel macam tuu :P

umi shahirah said...

hehehe alhamdulillah kak sheda ;)
ala nanti oneday, piji bawak kak sheda jugak jmpe family dia. hihihi :D

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