8 Apr 2012



day by day, every living creatures in this world will getting older and older, and so do i. and don't you ever think that the scariest part is death? err :( i'm not ready yet seriously i'm not. i'm getting older and older as now i'm 19. i don't now what will happen next in future, and yet i don't have any idea whether i'm still alive or not. 

oke out of topic.

guys, i'm still in a process of learning. i learn how to be a datin wanna be. TARAAA! SUPRIIISEEE!~ oh peleeaasse datin wanna be?? haha. jk. actually, i learn how to be a better person for my family, husband to be, friends and everyone. i learn how to be respected by others. hey, don't ever think that people will respect you if you don't respect him/her and that's what i'm practising. learn to respect others. that's the point. pstt, everybody want to be respected right? so why don't you start it first, so he/she will respect you then. err is this a session where you ask me a question on how to be respected and i'll answer your question? of course not! you're in the wrong place dude. hey,  i don't want to be called as a loser because i'm not a loser. yes i'm not! so don't you ever ever call me 'LOSER' or else i'll kick you out of the window. see! i'm strong you knoww haha. umi, behave yourself please. fine fine. *tight face :-| 

dear blog, i'm speechless. to be truth, i don't know why and what i'm typing about. haha 

i'm facing such a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig problem. my laptop has been updated to another windows. arggghhh! i want it back to normaaaaaaaaal. whatever it is, i'm not going to shut it down. i just want to let it be. in sleep mode maybe. yes, sleep mode. damn. ops! sorry. and the worst think issss all item including my superHOT picture's duhh~,  my cute handsome and tough pictures , documents, U videos and movies and the most cutest panda were all gone. gonnnnnnnnnnnnne! wait, most cutest? haha craps. oke next, how about my research? empty. gone. nothing. zero! i have to pass it up in the middle of next month and now i have nothing. i have to start it all over again. shitt! sorry again. :(

i didn't mean to be bawdy oke guys. please don't be misunderstanding.


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