6 Apr 2012

Pancake Recipes


here's my second tutorial. actually, this is how i cook a pancake. simple and fast. hee~

oke guys, what you'll need here are:

  1. flour of course
  2. buttermilk
  3. milk
  4. baking powder
  5. salts
  6. sugar
  7. eggs
  8. butter
done? oke here we go. :)

firstly, mix together the dry ingredients (flour, milk, baking powder, salts and sugar) in one bowl  and stir it. melt the butter and and pour it into the bowl and stir until the melted butter disappears into dry ingredients. for wet ingredients, you have to seperate the egg yolk with the egg white. then, beat the egg white until soft peaks appear and set aside. psst! make sure your dry and wet ingredients are in different bowl oke. in a seperate bowl, mix the egg yolk with buttermilk till the mixture becomes fruthy. got it? oke next, pour the mixture to the dry ingredients carefully and combine well. carefully oke guys so that the mixture won't split out. you may add a little of buttermilk if needed. hehe. wait. did i 've forgotten anything? haha i don't think so. now, get ready your pan and cook it!

p/s: it might be too simple.

good luck :)
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