2 Apr 2012

ceritera hati

good evening readers.

semakin hari, semakin tebal perasaan ni. betuuul. semakin tebaaal semakin banyaakk, semakin dalaaam semua la yang menunjukkan kedalaman perasaan seseorang tu. seriously, semakin hari semakin sayang. dear bie, i love you soooo much! i don't know how to describe my feelings because there're no words to describe my feelings but.. the truth is you are the only one that makes my heart glowing err glowing? haha you are the only one that makes my heart beat faster and faster at times. bie, everything i want is you. yes you. thanks for the lovely songs you gave to me last night. i miss you. you are SUPERB. hehe. bie selalu support syg, suruh syg study, bie jaga syg.. ambil berat tentang syg.. semua yang syg nak, semua ada dekat bie. bie, i wanna be with you all the time till the end of my life, seriously. i love you 24/7. :-*

lotsa love,
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