19 Jan 2012

speechless thursday -.-

morning guys.

who is the most suitable the most to give a talk to the pre- university students on life in the university? a university lecturer?  a university caunselor itself? a university successful graduates or a university students?? oke i'm speechless. i'll be having a test . -.-' MUET oke guys, MUET.

for me, everyone plays a role. but i think the most suitable to give a talk are the university lecturer and the students. the lecturer may have experience of giving seminars or lectures but they did not know how the feelings of their students. i mean what is happening in the campus and what goes around them. he or she might be shy  to share their problems or ask anything that he or she did not know.  he or she would prefer to share their problems with someone whom are closer with them, which is their friends as their friends know better than his or her lecturer.

so, how's your opinion? hehe

enough said.

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